Somebody Loves Me ~ original album 1965

Somebody Loves Me - Perry Como

Someone once said that Perry Como sings every song as if it had been written just for him. That's easy to say but very hard to do. Perry does it every time.

Several million other "someones" have remarked that Perry makes you feel he's singing for you alone. That's also very hard to do. Perry has been doing it since he was a young, inexperienced singer. It's a quality you have to be born with. Call it sincerity, warmth, personality whatever you like. It's the "X" quality that makes a star. Experience can teach you all the tricks of the singer's trade, and Perry knows them all. But what made him and keeps him a great star is the ability to make you feel he's singing for you alone.

If the mood is romantic ( the mood of the songs in this album ) the interpretations are especially appealing when the singer has Perry Como's gift of intimacy and individual rapport this singing for you alone quality. It seems you "feel" as well as "hear" when Perry delineates a love song, whether it be a "tried and true" memorable like Carolina Moon and You'll Always Be My Lifetime Sweetheart, or a fresh, bright lilt'er from among his biggest-selling record hits, Juke Box Baby. All of these tunes are very special from Perry Como to you.

"Somebody Loves Me," sings Perry. Several million "sombodies," we'd say. 

A&R Coordinator: Ethel Gabriel.
Matrix Nos. RCRS-7115/16 1-S 
With Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra
except "Carolina Moon"
with Lloyd Shaffer and His Orchestra
Vocal accompaniment by The Ray Charles Singers
Electronically Reprocessed Stereo
except 2 tracks in real stereo
Remastered by Don Miller


This record has been electronically reprocessed for stereo from the original monaural version. Although it is not up to RCA Camden's current standards for new stereo recordings, it has been re-issued in this electronically reprocessed stereo version in response to public demand.

IMPORTANT! RCA Camden's monophonic records can be played on stereophonic phonographs. RCA Camden's electronically reprocessed records with two-channel stereophonic characteristics (Stereo/Electronically Reprocessed) must be played on phonographs equipped for stereophonic reproduction. 

Somebody Loves Me ~ original album 1965
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