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BMG Special Products is a division of BMG and Bertelsmann AG. This division works cooperatively with third-party labels who wish to produce specialist music compilations for their own purposes. The vast majority of third-party compilations are produced using the services of this division. Recordings are licensed from the RCA Victor Records Label and produced in accordance with a standard established solely by the third party label.

Some third-party labels choose to use more services originating with BMG and it's affiliates than do others.  In a general sense, these recordings are made available a la carte. BMG Special Products may make available pre-packaged compilations, completely sequenced, packaged and engineered to order, or the third-party may choose to do any or all of this themselves.  

BMG Special Products is involved with a broad range of clients who wish to have recordings produced for many and varying purposes. These recordings may represent a very high technical standard or they may be at best medium to low fidelity depending on the criteria determined solely by the third-party label or commercial distributor. 

There is no set standard of quality for compilations produced in association with this division of BMG excepting that determined by the market in meeting the requirements of third-party clients. Many third-party compilations produced by the likes of Reader's Digest, Time-Life Music, Collector's Choice and Taragon Records, to name just a few, are compiled and produced to a very high standard.  

If you are pleased with a BMG Special Products compilation, please let them know what you like about it. Similarly, if you are unhappy with a compilation, please do not refrain from letting the labels know what you think. The quality of these recordings is market dependent and your opinions are very important in shaping the character of that market for the benefit of everyone.

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