Perry Como Live On Tour ~ at the Mill Run Theatre, Niles, Illinois, July, 1980Perry Como in Concert

Accentuate The Positive/
Swingin' On a Star 'Live'1987 photo of Perry by Vincent Ialenti
( Ac-cent-thu-ate the positive, 
e-lim-inate the negative, 
ac-cent-thu-ate the positive, an' latch on! )
You gotta accent-thu-ate the positive,
E-lim-inate the negative,
An' latch on 
To the affirmative 
Don't mess with Mister in-between!
No,  don't mess with Mister in-between!
No,  don't mess with Mister in-between!
Or, would you rather be a duck?
( Would you like to swing on a star? ) On a star! 
Carry moonbeams home in a jar
You'd be better off than you are
You'd be much better than you are . . .
( You could be be swingin' on a star
You can be better than you are . . . ) 
Accentuate the Positive 'Live'
Music by Harold Arlen
with lyrics by Johnny Mercer , 1944
Swingin' on a Star 'Live'
Music by Jimmy Van Heusen
with lyrics by Johnny Burke , 1944
Recorded "Live" on location 1980 ~
Arranged and Conducted by Nick Perito
with Vocal Arrangements by Ray Charles
Live recording on location produced by Mike Berniker
Recording Engineer: Mike Moran
RCA Mobile Unit: Ron Olson and Tom Brown
Mastering Engineer: Mike Posner
Recorded 'Live' at the Mill Run Theatre, Niles, Illinois, July 29th, 30th, 31st, 1980
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