Mr. President ~ original album circa 1962

The Secret Service ~ Sandy Stewart
The "secret service" makes me nervous 
when I am dating they are waiting to observe us
when I get ready to hold steady for the "kiss" you plan 
the "secret service" makes me nervous and I can't!
They're always spying, no denying
they're always peeping, gumshoe creeping, private eying
when I'm beginning to give-inning like a maiden aunt
the "secret service" makes me nervous and I can't!
I've been exposed beyond control
just like a "goldfish" in a bowl!
The President's daughter must drink water
no drink of "scotch" she might do what she hadn't otter
when I'm ignited, so excited that I start to "pant"
the "secret service" makes me nervous 
when my lamps are lit 
and I say "This is it!"
 . . . the "secret service" makes me nervous 
and I can't!
The "secret service" makes me nervous 
those White House "dicks" get all their kicks 
when they observe us!
Just as I wind up, make my mind up, not to say "I won't" 
the "secret service" makes me nervous and I don't!
When things look "rosy" they get nosy 
they'll say there's "tootsie" playing "footsie" very cosy 
my pulse goes higher, I'm on fire, shakin' at the knees
the "secret service" makes me nervous and I freeze!
Whatever I may do or say 
will be reported the next day! 
They don't see clearly when I'm merely being courted 
When I'm just "necking" simply "pecking" with a "Cary Grant"
they stand behind me to remind me "who" and "what" I am 
 . . . when I don't give a "?X?X" ( ooh ahh ahh! )
the "secret service" makes me nervous and I CAN'T!
Words and Music by Irving Berlin
The Best of Irving Berlin's Songs from 'Mr. President'
Performed by Sandy Stewart
with Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Original RCA RecordingVinyl VersionSelekt Link | Large View | Sessions |
Produced for records by Hugo & Luigi
Orchestrations by Philip J. Lang
Vocal Arrangements by Ray Charles
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra & the Ray Charles Singers
Also with Kaye Ballard and Sandy Stewart
Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recorded September 30th, 1962

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