Sing to Me Mr. C. ~ original album circa 1961

It All Depends On You ~ unreleased session recording
Music by Ray Henderson  
with lyrics by B.G. DeSylva and Lew Brown , 1926 
DeSylva, Brown, Henderson Inc. / Ross Jungnickel ASCAP
With Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra
Arrangements by Joe Lipman and Jack Andrews
Recorded at RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Medley recording time 8:35 ( original )
Recorded  May 15th, 1961    ~   Matrix No. M5PW-2283 Take 2 
Released in the RCA UK album "The Best Of British" ~ original recording not released on vinyl
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Original Medley Sequence: 
How Deep Is the Ocean 
It All Depends On You 
This Nearly Was Mine 
Notes: ~ On May 26th, 1961, the track "It All Depends On You" was separated from this medley sequence to stand alone as Matrix No. M5PW-2283 while the song "Smile", recorded separately May 17th, was added as the opening song to the medley sequence. This deleted song, plus a recording of "Back In Your Own Backyard", would not be included within the final album mix and remain unreleased.
May 15th & 17th, 1961
A Hugo & Luigi Production
Leader: Mitchell Ayres
Contractor: Henry "Hank" Ross
Trumpet ~ James Maxwell
Trumpet ~ Bernie Glow 
Trumpet ~ Melvin Davis
Trumpet ~ James Milazzo 
Trombone ~ Robert Alexander 
Trombone ~ John D'agostino 
Trombone ~ Urban Green 
Sax ~ Harry Terrill
Sax ~ Bernard Kaufman
Sax ~ Abraham Richman 
Sax ~ Stanley Webb 
Sax ~ Philip Zolkind 
Piano ~ Henry Rowland
Guitar ~ Anthony Mottola 
Guitar ~ Danny Perri 
Drums ~ Sonny Igoe 
Drums ~ Arthur Marotti 
Bass ~ Robert Haggart
Harp ~ Margaret Ross 
Violin ~ Sylvan Shulman 
Violin ~ Mac Ceppos 
Violin ~ Jack Zayde 
Violin ~ Tosha Samaroff 
Violin ~ Harry Urbont 
Violin ~ Max Hollander 
Violin ~ Harry Melnikoff 
Violin ~ Felix Orlewitz  
Viola ~ Isadore Zir 
Viola ~ Howard Kay 
Cello ~ Maurice Brown 
Cello ~ Alan Shulman 

Sing to Me Mr. C. ~ original album circa 1961             

Notes: ~ This song was interpolated by Al Jolson in the Stage Musical touring production "Big Boy" which had a short run on Broadway the prior year. Jolson sang it in the 1928 Hollywood Musical "The Singing Fool" and in the 1955 biography of Ruth Etting, "Love Me or Leave Me," it was performed by Doris Day. In the 1956 Hollywood Musical biography of the composers, "The Best Things In Life Are Free," it was performed by Ernest Borgnine, Dan Dailey and Sheree North. Perry recorded this song during the sessions for his 1961 album "Sing To Me Mr. C." as one of two songs, "Back In Your Own Backyard" being the other, excluded from the album. This full length album of song medleys was recorded, remarkably, in three days.

Music, 1925

Stage musicals: Big Boy 1/7 at New York’s Winter Garden Theater, with Al Jolson, songs that include "It All Depends on You" by Ray Henderson, lyrics by B. G. DeSylva and Lew Brown (Russian-American writer Lewis Bronstein, 31).


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