Original RCA Recording

She's a Lady
She's a Lady  ~ I'm a Lady!
She's a Lady  ~ I'm a Lady!
She's as quiet as a mouse 
Why, she would never ever raise her voice to a shout
Not unless somebody else is drownin' me out!
Yes, She's a Lady  ~ I'm a Lady!
High floutin'  ~ You're darn tootin'!
and her manners are superb 
Yesterday I wore a gown of satin an' lace, 
you took me out dinin' to the ritziest place
And when they brought the finger bowl, 
why you washed your face!
Ah! I'm a Lady! ~ She's a Lady  ~ Oh yeah!
He's a Lover! ~ I'm a Lover!
He's big hearted! ~ Once I've started!
Nothin' is good for you! 
Say, how do you mean that?
I bought you a golden necklace fit for a Queen
If that's a golden necklace, why's my neck turnin' green?
He's Romantic! ~ I'm Romantic!
He's the shy type! ~ Yes, it's my type!
He's the kind that girls can't trust! 
Some guys take a girl out ridin' an' when they do, 
she may have to walk home, that don't happen to you!
That's because I take them riding in a canoe
Oh! He's a lover! ~ I'm a lover  ~ Oh yeah!
She's a Lady  ~ I'm a Lady!
She's the fine type  ~ Home at nine type!
She's as gentle as a lamb! 
She's the most refined girl that the city has got
I will beat up anyone who says that I'm not! 
She's a High-Brow  ~ I'm a High-Brow!
You're what 'class' is!  ~ You need glasses!
You know just how things are done 
In a crowded bus, you find a guy with a seat 
then you drop your hanky so it lands at his feet
When he stands up to get it, that's when I grab his seat! 
Yes, She's a Lady  ~ I'm a Lady!  ~ Oh yeah!
He's a Singer! ~ I'm a Singer!
Like Caruso! ~ Learned to do so,
in a barber-shop quartet 
I once gave a hair-cut to a fellow one day 
I started singing "Mammy" an' kept cutting away
Yeah, now they call him 'baldy' an' he wears a toupee!
You're a Lady!  ~ You're a Barber!
You're a High-Brow!  ~ You're a Sin-ger!
Hee hee, I'm a Sin-ger?  ~ Ha, ha ha ha!
She's a Lady  ~ Ah! He's a Sin-ger!  ~ Oh yeah!
Words and Music by Cy Coben, 1950
Original RCA Recording
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
and Betty Hutton
Produced by Charles Grean
Recorded in RCA's Studio 2, New York City
Recorded September 12, 1950

Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!

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