Perry Como
Some Enchanted Evening
Some Enchanted Evening (Rodgers–Hammerstein II, from South Pacific)
With Mitchell Ayres’ Orchestra
(Victor D9-VB-233) Recorded March 1949 3:32
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (Howard–Hough–Adams)
With Ted Weems’ Orchestra
(Decca 66725) Recorded October 1939 3:16
I Dream Of You  ( More Than You Dream I Do ) (Goetschius–Osser)
With Ted Steele’s Orchestra
(Victor D4-VB-468) Recorded December 1944 3:31
I'm Confessin' ( That I Love You ) (Neiburg–Dougherty–Reynolds)
With Ted Steele’s Orchestra
(Victor D4-VB-470-2) Recorded December 1944 2:48
Surrender (Benjamin–Weiss)
With Russ Case’s Orchestra
(Victor D6-VB-1395-3) Recorded April 1946 3:18
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling (Waller–Rose–Link)
With Russ Case’s Orchestra
(Victor D7-VB-1694-2) Recorded October 1947 2:10
Girl Of My Dreams (Clapp–Kallua)
With The Satisfiers and Russ Case’s Orchestra
(Victor D6-VB-1368) Recorded March 1946 3:17
Blue Skies (Berlin)
With The Satisfiers and Russ Case’s Orchestra
(Victor D6-VB-1698-2) Recorded March 1946 2:19
When You Were Sweet Sixteen (Thornton)
With Lloyd Schaffer’s Orchestra
(Victor D7-VB-248) Recorded April 1947 3:18
You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby (Warren–Mercer)
With Russ Case’s Orchestra
(Victor D6-VB-1366-2) Recorded March 1946 2:20
If You Were The Only Girl  ( In the World ) (Ayer–Grey)
With Russ Case’s Orchestra
(Victor D6-VB-1367) Recorded March 1946 3:40
Temptation (Brown–Freed)
With Ted Steele’s Orchestra
(Victor D5-VB-166) Recorded March 1945 2:45
Two Loves Have I (Scotto–Murray–Trivers. French words Koger–Varna)
With Russ Case’s Orchestra
(Victor D7-VB-1702) Recorded October 1947 3:19
Give Me Your Hand  (Stewart)First Release on CD
With Mitchell Ayres’ Orchestra
(Victor D9-VB-1356) Recorded May 1949 3:01
Please Believe Me (Walker–Merrill)
With Mitchell Ayres’ Orchestra
(Victor D9-VB-2472) Recorded November 1949 3:18
Bali Ha'i (Rogers–Hammerstein II, from South Pacific)
With Mitchell Ayres’ Orchestra
(Victor D9-VB-234) Recorded March 1949 3:39
Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba  ( My Bambino Go To Sleep ) (David–Hoffman–Livingston)
With Lloyd Schaffer’s Orchestra
(Victor D7-VB-247) Recorded April 1947 2:59
All tracks recorded in New York
Transfers and Digital Restoration by Peter Dempsey
Disc  ~ 17 tracks Time u/k
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 PUBLIC DOMAIN SOURCES:   These recordings have not been licensed or authorized by the original artist or issuing label. They have been digitally transferred from public domain sources which may include private record collections, radio broadcast transcriptions and, or, other sources unidentified by the issuer. The quality of these sources will vary and is solely dependent upon the issuing label. Caveat emptor! It is important for all consumers to understand that neither the artists nor the original issuing labels receive any remuneration from the sale of these recordings. No recording can ever be better than its source.

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