Dream Along With MePerry Como
Round and Round
Words and Music by Joe Shapiro 
and Lou Stallman, 1956
Hello, Young Lovers   ( 1960 Version )
Music by Richard Rodgers 
with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II , 1951
~ from Perry's 1959 RCA Victor album "Como Swings"
Words and Music by Jack Lawrence, 1947
Temptation  ( 1945 Version )
~ from the MGM film "Going Hollywood"
Music by Nacio Herb Brown and lyrics by Arthur Freed , 1933
It's Only a Paper Moon
~  a double charted single from February, 1944, the "B" flip side to "I Love You"
from the 1944 Hollywood musical "Cover Girl"
Music by Jerome Kern and lyrics Ira Gershwin, 1944
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Young At Heart
~ featured in the 1955 film "Young at Heart"
Music by Johnny Richards and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh, 1954
~  recorded by Perry in December, 1953
Words and Music by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton , 1954
You Alone ( Solo Tu )
~  a double charted single from August, 1953, the "B" flip side to "Pa-paya Mama"
Music by Robert Allen and lyrics by Al Stillman, 1953
With Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra and Chorus
My Melancholy Baby
~  recorded by Perry in November, 1947
sung by Bing Crosby in the Hollywood musical "The Birth of the Blues" ( 1941 )
Music by Ernie Burnett with lyrics by George A. Norton and Maybelle E. Watson , 1912
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
~  recorded by Perry in November, 1947
introduced by Benny Davis in vaudeville.
Words and Music by Benny Davis, Joseph A Burke and Mark Fisher 1925
Anema e core
Music by Salve D'Esposito with Italian lyrics by Tito Manlio , 1954
English lyrics by Manny Curtis and Harry Akst
If I Loved You
Music by Richard Rodgers 
with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II 1945
It's Impossible
Music by Canache Armando Manzanero 
with lyrics by Sid Wayne
That Old Gang of Mine
~  a single release from January, 1951, with flip side "I Found a Million Dollar Baby ( In a Five and Ten Cent Store ) "
featured in the Stage musical "Ziegfield Follies of 1923"
Music by Ray Henderson and lyrics by Billy Rose and Mort Dixon
Some Enchanted Evening
~  a double charted single from March, 1949, with flip side "Bali Ha'i"
from the 1949 Stage musical "South Pacific"
Music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Moon River
~ from the 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
Music by Henry Mancini and lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Dream Along With Me  ( I'm On My Way To A Star )
~  recorded by Perry in June, 1956
theme song from "The Perry Como Show"
Words and Music by Carl Sigman, 1956
Without a Song ( 1951 Version )
~  Perry's first recording of this song from January, 1951
from the 1929 musical production "Great Day"
Music by Vincent Youmans and lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu
What's New ?
Music by Bob Haggart with lyrics by Johnny Burke 1939
~ a double charted single from April, 1946, with flip side "More Than You Know"
Words and Music by Bennie Benjamin and George Weiss , 1946
With Orchestra Conducted by Russ Case
~ featured by Mario Lanza in "The Great Caruso", 1951
Music by Guy d'Hardelot and lyrics by Edward Teschemacher, 1902
Dear Hearts & Gentle People
Music by Sammy Fain 
with lyrics by Bob Hilliard , 1950
Maybe  ( with Eddie Fisher )
~  a double charted single from May, 1952, with flip side "Watermelon Weather"
Words and Music by Allan Flynn and Frank Madden , 1940, 1952
both songs with Eddie Fisher & Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Prisoner of Love ( 1946 Version )
Music by Russ Columbo and Clarence Gaskill 
with lyrics by Leo Robin, 1931
Tina Marie
~ a double charting single from June, 1955, with flip side "Fooled"
Words and Music by Bob Merrill
Hot Diggity  ( Dog Ziggity Boom )
Words and Music by Al Hoffman 
and Dick Manning, 1956
"A" ~ You're Adorable ( with The Fontane Sisters )
~  a No. 1 hit single from March, 1949, the "B" flip side to "When Is Sometime?"
Music by Sidney Lippman and lyrics by Fred Wise and Buddy Kaye, 1948
Papa Loves Mambo
~  recorded by Perry in August, 1954
Words and Music by Al Hoffman, Dick Manning and Bix Reichner 1954
With a Song In My Heart 
~ from the 1948 M-G-M film "Words and Music"
Words and Music by Rodgers and Hart, 1926
They Say It's Wonderful
~  recorded by Perry in April, 1946
~ from the musical production "Annie Get Your Gun" and Published 1946
Words & Music by Irving Berlin
Catch a Falling Star
Words and Music by Lee Pockriss 
and Paul Vance
Sleepy Time Gal
~ title song of the 1942 film "Sleepy Time Gal", 1925
Music by Ange Lorenzo and Richard A. Whiting 
with lyrics by Joseph R. Alden and Raymond B. Egan, 1925
Try To Remember ( from the musical production "The Fantasticks" )
Music by Harvey Schmidt 
with lyrics by Tom Jones
Far Away Places
~  a #4 Charted Hit for Perry in 1949
Words and Music by Alex Kramer and Joan Whitney, 1948
Music by Alex Alstone 
with lyrics by Tom Glazer
If  ~ 1950
Music by Tolchard Evans,
lyrics by Robert Hargreaves and Stanley J. Damerell , 1934
No Other Love
~  a double charted single from May, 1953, with flip side "Keep It Gay"
from the 1953 Stage Musical "Me and Juliet"
Music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
~  double charted single from March, 1950, with flip side "On The Outgoing Tide"
Music Milton de Lugg and lyrics by Frank Loesser
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and The Fontane Sisters
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes ( with The Ramblers )
Words and Music by Slim Willet, 1952
Girl of My Dreams
~  recorded by Perry in March, 1946
a hit record by Gene Austin, whistling by Bob McGimsey, for Victor in 1928
Words and Music by Sunny Clapp, 1927
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now  ~ 1947
~ a charted single from May, 1947, 
with flip side "When Tonight Is Just a Memory"
from the 20th Century-Fox Picture "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" 1947
Music by Joe Howard and Harold Orlob, 
with lyrics by Frank Adams and Will Hough and Published 1909
Forever and Ever
~  a double charted single from January, 1949, with flip side "I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore"
Music and original German lyrics by Franz Winkler
English lyrics by Malia Rosa, 1949
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and Chorus
When I Fall In Love
~ featured in the 1957 film "Istanbul"       
Music by Victor Young and lyrics by Edward Heyman, 1952
Till the End of Time
~ adapted from Chopin's Polonaise No. 6 in A Flat Major
Words and Music by Ted Mossman and Buddy Kaye, 1945
A Bushel and A Peck ( with Betty Hutton )
Introduced by Vivian Blaine in the musical production "Guy's and Dolls"
Words and Music by Frank Loesser, 1950
Long Ago ( And Far Away )
~  a double charted single from February, 1944, the "B" flip side to "I Love You"
from the 1944 Hollywood musical "Cover Girl"
Music by Jerome Kern and lyrics Ira Gershwin, 1944
We've Only Just Begun
Words and Music by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols, 1970
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows ( with The Satisfiers )
~ melody adapted from Chopin's "Fantaisie Impromptu in C# Minor
Music by Harry Carroll and lyrics by Joseph McCarthy, 1917, 1946
And I Love You So ( original single EQ version )
Words and Music by Don McLean
Bless this House
Words and Music by Helen Taylor 
and May H. Morgan ( a.k.a. Brahe ), 1927
Dream Along With Me
LP Version with detail
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