Dreamer's Holiday ~ RCA Camden Re-release
Perry Como
Dreamer's Holiday
DELTA 6077
Delta Entertainment Corporation
1663 Sawtelle Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90045 USA
An RCA Victor Statement about RCA Camden Records
Mastered at Delta Mastering, Los Angeles
Engineer: Sean Nova
Design: Michelle Justice
My Love and Devotion
~ recorded by Perry in July, 1952
this song charted at No. 22,  a popular "B" flip side to "Sweethearts Holiday"
Words and Music by Milton Carson
To Know You  ( Is To Love You ) ( with The Fontane Sisters )See note below
~ Perry's first recording of this song from September, 1952
this song charted at No. 19,  with flip side "My Lady Loves To Dance"
Music by Robert Allen and lyrics by Allan Roberts , 1952
( The ) Rose Tattoo
~ a popular single for Perry in Japan from September, 1955
inspired by the Paramount-Wallis film "The Rose Tattoo"
Music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Jack Brooks
Kewpie Doll ( with Ray Charles )Originally recorded in StereoMONO
~ a popular single for Perry from March, 1958
un-credited duet with Perry's Choral Director, Ray Charles
Words and Music by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett
( The )  Things I Didn't Do
~ a popular single for Perry from September, 1954
this song charted at No. 22,  a popular "B" flip side to "Papa Loves Mambo"
Words and Music by Fred Jacobson, Ira Kosloff and Irving Reid
Tumbling Tumbleweeds ( and Sons of the Pioneers with the Western-Ayres )
~ one two songs with this group from December, 1950, flip side with "You Don't Kno' What Lonesome Is"
the "Western-Ayres" is a country component of the Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra
Words and Music by Bob Nolan, 1934
Just Born ( To Be Your Baby ) Originally recorded in Stereo MONO
~ a popular single for Perry from July, 1957, flip side with "Ivy Rose"
Words and Music by Luther Dixon and Billy Dawn Smith
Ivy RoseOriginally recorded in StereoMONO
~ a popular single for Perry from July, 1957, flip side with "Just Born ( To Be Your Baby )"
Words and Music by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning
Watchin' the Trains Go By
~ recorded in August, 1950, flip side to Perry's popular "Patricia"
Words and Music by Tot Seymour and Al Goodhart
Rollin' Stone ( with The Fontane Sisters )
~ double charting single from August, 1951, with flip side "With All My Heart And Soul"
Words and Music by Irving Gordon ( composed Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" )

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Notation~ the original RCA Camden release mistakenly credits "To Know You ( Is To Love You )"  as a duet with Betty Hutton
but, in fact, Perry sings it with The Fontane Sisters. Hutton recorded two songs with Perry just one year prior to this
recording, in September, 1950, the hit single "A Bushel and a Peck" and flip side "She's a Lady".  This listing error
has continued even to the present with release of the 1999 double CD "Greatest Hits" compilation. As a matter of interest,
Perry recorded this song for a second time in real stereo for the 1959 RCA Victor album "Como Swings" as an
un-credited duet with his Choral Director Ray Charles. That was the second un-credited performance of
Ray Charles on a Como recording, the first being "Kewpie Doll" as noted above.
Perry's fourth RCA Camden Compilation, 1960
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra & The Western-Ayres
Background vocals by The Ray Charles Singers,
The Fontane Sisters, The Sons of the Pioneers
and Ray Charles ( Perry's Choral Director )
Dreamer's Holiday ~ circa 1960
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All of these reissued RCA Camden titles have been package with new graphics and re-mastered in 24-bit audio giving these timeless classics better sound quality than ever before. A Delta Entertainment exclusive!

 WARNING:   The RCA Camden Label was established in 1957 as a value-for-money "budget" compilation release. The label was purposely designed for sale at very low "affordable" prices. While it was claimed that the quality of these releases were not being compromised, the facts clearly show this not to be the case. Common sense clearly suggests that it's impossible ( pardon the pun ) to maintain the same engineering standards for a budget release label such as RCA Camden as compared with the premium RCA Victor label. In 1957 this may have been reasonably possible but with the advent of stereo recordings, and higher technical standards, this claim became increasingly difficult to maintain. By 1960 the number of tracks contained within the average Camden album was reduced from 12 to 10 and for stereo Camden releases it wasn't uncommon for some tracks to be reprocessed from monaural masters to simulate stereo. In general, Camden releases are remastered from second generation sources and that continues to be the case even today within compact disc compilations. While some RCA Camden compilations can be very good, as were a number of Perry's original Camden albums, it is an unusual occurrence.

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