Dream Along With Me - Original album 1957Perry Como
Perry Como
Dream Along With Me
An RCA Victor Statement about RCA Camden Records
Me and My Shadow
~  recorded by Perry in January/February, 1951
Music by Al Jolson and Dave Dreyer and lyrics by Billy Rose, 1927
Without a Song  ~ 1951
~  Perry's first recording of this song from January, 1951
from the 1929 musical production "Great Day"
Music by Vincent Youmans and lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu
More Than You Know  ~ 1951
~  Perry's second recording of this song from January, 1951
from the 1929 musical production "Great Day"
Music by Vincent Youmans and lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu
Blue Skies  ~ 1946
~  Perry's first recording of this song from March, 1946
sung by Bing Crosby in "Blue Skies" 1946
Words & Music by Irving Berlin
My Melancholy Baby
~  recorded by Perry in November, 1947
sung by Bing Crosby in the Hollywood musical "The Birth of the Blues" ( 1941 )
Music by Ernie Burnett with lyrics by George A. Norton and Maybelle E. Watson , 1912
Girl of My Dreams
~  recorded by Perry in March, 1946
a hit record by Gene Austin, whistling by Bob McGimsey, for Victor in 1928
Words and Music by Sunny Clapp, 1927
~  one of Perry's popular singles from September, 1956
Words and Music by John Jerome, 1956
If I Loved You
~  recorded by Perry in May, 1945
from the Musical Show "Carousel"
Music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II 1945
They Say It's Wonderful
~  recorded by Perry in April, 1946
~ from the musical production "Annie Get Your Gun" and Published 1946
Words & Music by Irving Berlin
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling  ( with The Satisfiers )
~  recorded by Perry in October, 1947
sung by Helen Morgan in the Hollywood musical "Applause"
Music by Thomas "Fats" Waller and Harry Link with lyrics by Billy Rose
Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
~  recorded by Perry in November, 1947
introduced by Benny Davis in vaudeville.
Words and Music by Benny Davis, Joseph A Burke and Mark Fisher 1925
Dream Along With Me ( I'm On My Way to a Star )
~  recorded by Perry in June, 1956
theme song from "The Perry Como Show"
Words and Music by Carl Sigman, 1956
Vinyl Version
Original 1957 Camden version CAL- 403
Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and the Ray Charles Singers
Russ Case and his Orchestra and with The Satisfiers
Notes: The RCA Camden Label was established in 1957 as a value-for-money "budget" compilation release. The label was purposely designed for sale at very low "affordable" prices. While it was claimed that the quality of these releases were not being compromised, the facts clearly show this not to be the case. Common sense clearly suggests that it's impossible ( pardon the pun ) to maintain the same engineering standards for a budget release label such as RCA Camden as compared with the premium RCA Victor label. In 1957 this may have been reasonably possible but with the advent of stereo recordings, and higher technical standards, this claim became increasingly difficult to maintain. By 1960 the number of tracks contained within the average Camden album was reduced from 12 to 10 and for stereo Camden releases it wasn't uncommon for some tracks to be reprocessed from monaural masters to simulate stereo. In general, Camden releases are remastered from second generation sources and that continues to be the case even today within compact disc compilations. While some RCA Camden compilations can be very good, as were a number of Perry's original Camden albums, it is an unusual occurrence.

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