Door of Dreams ~ 1971 RCA Camden
An RCA Victor Statement about RCA Camden Records

Side One

I Had the Craziest Dream
~  recorded by Perry in February, 1957, for the album "We Get Letters"
from the 20th Century Fox film "Springtime in the Rockies"
Music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Mack Gordon , 1942
It Had to Be You recorded in real stereo
~  recorded by Perry in February, 1958, for the album "Saturday Night With Mr. C."
from the 1944 Hollywood musical "Show Business"
Music by Isham Jones and lyrics by Gus Kahn, 1924, 1944
Door of Dreams
~  recorded by Perry in February, 1955, following the sessions for "So Smooth"
Music by Robert Allen and lyrics by Al Stillman
Far Away Places
~  a popular single for Perry from December, 1948
nineteen weeks on "Your Hit Parade" in 1949 for Crosby, Whiting & Perry
Words and Music by Alex Kramer and Joan Whitney, 1948
I Found a Million Dollar Baby ( In a Five and Ten Cent Store )
~  a popular single for Perry from February, 1951
featured in the 1941 Warner Brothers film "Million Dollar Baby"
Music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Billy Rose and Mort Dixon
Side Two
Say It Isn't So real stereo
~  recorded by Perry in May, 1961, for the album "Sing To Me Mr. C."
Perry recorded an unreleased version in June, 1956
Words and Music by Irving Berlin, 1932
If I Could Be With You ( One Hour Tonight )
~  recorded by Perry in June, 1956, during early sessions for "We Get Letters"
This is believed to be the first release of this recording
featured in the 1953 Hollywood musical "The Jazz Singer"
Music by James P. Johnson and lyrics by Henry Creamer , 1930
It's the Talk of the Town
~  recorded by Perry in January & February, 1955, for the album "So Smooth"
featured by Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra
Music by Jerry Livingston and lyrics by Marty Symes with Al J. Neiburg, 1933
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
~  recorded by Perry in October, 1949, popular flip side to "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo"
from the 1950 Walt Disney film "Cinderella"
Music by Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston and lyrics by Mack David, 1949
Magic Moments  ( UK VERSION ONLY )
~  popular American & UK single from December, 1957, flip side to "Catch a Falling Star"
Music by Burt Bacharach and lyrics by Hal David , 1958
real stereo~ released here in real stereo
recorded in real stereo~ these tracks were originally recorded in real stereo but released here electronically
reprocessed from monaural to simulate stereo. In his 1958 statement regarding RCA Camden,
Mr. G. R. Marek, Vice-President and General Manager of RCA Victor Record Division, claimed
"It is the desire of RCA Victor that the public be assured that the same high standards used in
the production of RCA Victor Records have also been used in the manufacture of
RCA Camden Records."
Door of Dreams
Notes: ~ Released simultaneously in the UK under the title "Perry Como Sings" with one additional track
All tracks with Mitchell Ayres and His Orchestra except "Far Away Places" with Henri René.
Vocal accompaniment by the Ray Charles Singers All tracks released here were Electronically Reprocessed
for Stereo except "Say It Isn't So" in Real Stereo "It Had To Be You" previously released in Stereo within
"Saturday Night With Mr. C." LSP-1971 & LSO-1004 Re-mastered by Don Miller.
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