Perry Como
Dream Along Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
With Me
Partial Re-issue of Perry's first RCA Camden compilation
With the Orchestras of Mitchell Ayres and Russ Case
Original recordings from the 1940s and early 1950s
Side One
Dream Along With Me  ( I'm On My Way To A Star )
Words and Music by Carl Sigman, 1956
If I Loved You
from the Musical Show "Carousel"
Music by Richard Rodgers 
with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II 1945
Words and Music by John Jerome, 1956
Me and My Shadow
Music by Al Jolson and Dave Dreyer 
with lyrics by Billy Rose, 1927
Without a Song
from the 1929 musical production "Great Day"
Music by Vincent Youmans 
with lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu
Side Two
Blue Skies
Words & Music by Irving Berlin
More Than You Know
from the 1929 musical production "Great Day"
Music by Vincent Youmans 
with lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu
Girl Of My Dreams
Words and Music by Sunny Clapp, 1927
My Melancholy Baby
Music by Ernie Burnett with lyrics by George A. Norton 
and Maybelle E. Watson , 1912

Pickwick Partial Re-issue 1971Dream Along With Me ~ RCA Camden 1957 Original

"The decade of Perry Como recordings that is covered in this album is the heart of one
of the most fabulous careers in show business annals. These performances run from the
rising Como of May 1945 ( If I Loved You ) to the settled, assured star heard in "Chincherinchee",
recorded in September 1956. The others, spread across the years between these two dates,
include some of the most enduring tunes in the repertory of popular songs sung by the man
who has made a career of relaxation."
~ from the original 1957 album jacket notes

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