Como's Golden Records - EPA-5012
Perry Como
Como's Golden Records
RCA VICTOR 45 EPA 5012 ( H2PH-8039/40 )
Side One
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
~  a double charted single from November, 1952, with flip side "Lies"
with Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra  and The Ramblers
Words and Music by Slim Willet, 1952
~  a double charted single from December, 1953,
with flip side "Look Out the Window ( And See How I'm Standing In The Rain )"
with Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra  & Chorus
Words and Music by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton , 1954
Side Two
Papa Loves Mambo
~  a double charted single from August, 1954, with flip side "The Things I Didn't Do"
with Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and The Ray Charles Chorus
Words and Music by Al Hoffman, Dick Manning and Bix Reichner 1954
Hot Diggity  ( Dog Ziggity Boom )
~  a double charted single from June, 1956, with flip side "Juke Box Baby"
with Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra and The Ray Charles Singers
Adapted from Alexis Chabrier's 1st theme of España, Rhapsody for Orchestra
Words and Music by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning, 1956
Tina Marie ( German release substitute )
~  a double charted single from 1955, with flip side "Fooled" (US release) and "Home for the Holidays" (UK release)
Words and Music by Bob Merrill
Notes: ~ This 45 RPM Extended Play compilation features four of Perry's Gold Records from the early 1950s
with all sides charting. The Chorus for "Wanted" is probably an early formation of The Ray Charles
Singers or, at the very least, conducted by Perry's long time Choral Director Ray Charles.  It's interesting
to note that "Papa Loves Mambo" is Perry's first recording to list "The Ray Charles Chorus" which would
later become known as the "Singers".  In Germany this compilation substituted Perry's 1955 hit
single "Papa Loves Mambo" with "Tina Marie" .
Tracks on Side 1 were recorded at the Manhattan Center, New York City
Produced by Dave Kapp and Joe Carlton
Tracks on Side 2 were recorded at Webster Hall, New York City
Arranged by Joe Reisman and Produced by Joe Carlton ( not confirmed )
All tracks in this compilation were monaural.

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