Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
All Selections Courtesy of RCA Limited
Actual release date not confirmed
K-Tel International

          Magic Moments - K-Tel Germany

Side One

Magic MomentsOriginal recorded in stereo
Music by Burt Bacharach 
with lyrics by Hal David, 1958
CaterinaOriginal recorded in stereo
Words and Music by Earl Shuman 
and Maurice "Bugs" Bower, 1961
( I Love You ) Don't You Forget ItOriginal recorded in stereo
Music by Henry Mancini 
with lyrics by Al Stillman ,1963
Round and RoundOriginal recorded in stereo
Words and Music by Joe Shapiro 
and Lou Stallman, 1956
And I Love You SoOriginal recorded in stereo
Words and Music by Don McLean
It's ImpossibleOriginal recorded in stereo
Music by Canache Armando Manzanero 
with lyrics by Sid Wayne
Mandolins In The Moonlight Original recorded in stereo
Words and Music by George Weiss 
and Aaron Schroeder
Arranged by Joe Reisman
~  recorded by Perry in December, 1953
Words and Music by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton , 1954

Side Two

Catch a Falling StarOriginal recorded in stereo
Words and Music by Lee Pockriss 
and Paul Vance
Hot Diggity  ( Dog Ziggity Boom )
Words and Music by Al Hoffman 
and Dick Manning, 1956
Seattle ( from the Screen Gems TV production "Here Come the Brides" ) Original recorded in stereo
Music by Hugo Montenegro 
with words by Ernie Sheldon and Jack Keller
DelawareOriginal recorded in stereo
Words and Music by Irving Gordon
When You Were Sweet Sixteen  ( with The Satisfiers )
Words and Music by James Thornton 
and Published 1898
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes ( with The Ramblers )
Words and Music by Slim Willet, 1952
Papa Loves Mambo
Words and Music by Al Hoffman, 
Dick Manning and Bix Reichner 1954
'Till the End of Time
Words and Music by Ted Mossman 
and Buddy Kaye, 1945
Original recorded in stereoThese recordings were originally recorded in real stereo but the
format of their release within this German compilation is unconfirmed.
All other tracks should be monaural but may also have been electronically
processed to simulate stereo. K-Tel recordings are not commonly sourced
from original session masters due to budget limitations. The inclusion of
different songs within this German K-Tel compilation is no doubt a
result of their perceived popularity within the German market.
All Selections Courtesy of RCA Limited
K-Tel International,

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Magic Moments - K-Tel Germany

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