Perry Como ~ Mr. Saturday Night!
PERRY COMO with MITCHELL AYRES and His Orchestra
Arrangements: Joe Lipman and Jack Andrews

"Sing to me, Mister C., sing to me . . . " The familiar theme music swells as Mister C. takes his place at the boom mike. On screen you see Perry looking over the music on the stand before him. Above him is the mike, and in the lower right hand corner, a single rose stands in its vase. Tony Mottola, on guitar, picks up the melody from the Ray Charles Singers, and segues into Perry's first number. As the medley builds, Mitchell Ayres expertly brings in rhythm, strings and brass.

Millions of TV viewers have enjoyed and applauded the above scene on Perry Como's "Kraft Music Hall" as Perry does his weekly "medley time" spot. Many of them participate in this particular segment by writing in comments and requests. Others simply relax and enjoy it. In any case, the Como medley has become one of the all-time favorite spots in the history of television.

For this album, we asked Mr. Como to recreate the television scene in the RCA Victor studios, and put down on permanent record some of his favorite and most successful medleys.

And now . . . our favorite TV spot is as close and as available as the nearest turntable.

Thank you Mr. C.

Hugo & Luigi

Produced by Hugo & Luigi
With Mitchell Ayres' Orchestra,
Tony Mottola on Guitar & The Ray Charles Singers
Arrangements: Joe Lipman and Jack Andrews
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City
May 15th & 17th, 1961
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recorded in Living Stereo
Vinyl Version

Sing to Me Mr. C. ~ original album circa 1961Sing to Me Mr. C. ~ original album circa 1961 back cover

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George TownsendSing to Me Mr. C.

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