Perry Como
Supper Club Favorites
ASSEMBLED 1948 & 1949 ( 78 & 45 )

Record One  ( 47-2886 / 20-3298 )

Prisoner of Love
~  a Gold Record for Perry in 1946
~ introduced and featured by Russ Columbo in 1931
Music by Russ Columbo and Clarence Gaskill
with lyrics by Leo Robin, 1931
~  a Gold Record for Perry in 1945
~ from the MGM film "Going Hollywood"
Music by Nacio Herb Brown and lyrics by Arthur Freed , 1933
Record Two  ( 47-2887 / 20-3299 )
~  a Gold Record for Perry in 1948
~ featured by Mario Lanza in "The Great Caruso", 1951
Music by Guy d'Hardelot and lyrics by Edward Teschemacher, 1902
'Till the End of Time
~  a Gold Record for Perry in 1945
~ adapted from Chopin's Polonaise No. 6 in A Flat Major
Words and Music by Ted Mossman and Buddy Kaye, 1945

Record Three   ( 47-2888 / 20-3300 )

When You Were Sweet Sixteen  ( with The Satisfiers )

~  a Gold Record for Perry in 1947
~ from the Bing Crosby Productions, Inc., Picture "The Great John L."
Words and Music by James Thornton and Published 1898
Song of Songs
~ An English translation of the French song "Chanson du Coeur Brise"
Music by Harold Vicars and lyrics by Clarence Lucas , 1914
Original French lyrics by Maurice Vancaire
Notes: ~ This well-known compilation of hit singles first appeared ( as yet unconfirmed ) in 1948
as a 3-disc box-set of RCA's 78RPM format recordings and released a year later on their
new format 7" 45RPM records.  The six-song collection was expanded in 1952 within the
label's reluctant adoption of the Columbia 10" LP format  and then again in 1956 within
a twelve-song compilation titled "Relaxing With Perry Como". Both albums were also
released within RCA Victor's own 45RPM Extended Play format albums which were
intended to compete with the long-play album format without success. By the end of
the 1950s, the LP became the industry format of choice for albums whilst the 45 became
the industry format of choice for commercial singles. 
All tracks in this compilation were monaural.

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